This is my fifth dialoge.


Aya: Hey, mum. So, yesterday I was thinking about the next vacation. And I've decided to fly to America. It's always been my dream, and now I'd really like to fulfill it. What's your opinion?

Dat: I don't allow you to go! You're waaay to young to fly away on your own. No way, you can forget it. Maybe you'll be allowed to when you're about 18 years old, but not now.

Aya: Oh, please, mum! I'm begging you! I'm old enough to take responsibility for myself. All of my friends were in America by themselves. So now it's my turn! It'd be such a nice experience!

Dat: No, can't you just wait about 4 years? It's too dangerous to go now. Maybe you'll get kidnapped. Or something bad happens to you.

Aya: Well, in case I get kidnapped, I still have the opportunity to call the police. And if I'm in a hotel and something bad happens to me, they'll call the hospital. So, where's the problem now?

Dat: I'll be worried sick about you, the whole time! I know that you really want it, and I hate to tell you this, but it's too risky.

Aya: But I'm willing to learn something about America, I want to see all those cool things there, for example landmarks and stuff. You can't stop me, because it's my decision and I'm old enough.

Dat: When I was younger, we didn't even think about it, because it was crystalclear that our parent's wouldn't let us make vacation on our own. And I can stop you, because I'm your mother and you can't pay for it!

Aya: So you have no idea that I've been saving money for 2 years now? I have a lot, and I can pay for myself.

Dat: Alright, you convinced me. There's still a catch though. You will stay there for 4 days, and you'll pay for it.

Aya: Oh, snap! I was hoping that you change your opinion and give me the money. But it's okay. I really appreciate that you let me go, and I know it was hard for you to agree.

Dat: It was. But please call me everyday, so I can be sure that everything is alright. Or else I won't be able to sleep at night.

Aya: Thank you! Of course I will.

6.7.10 14:44


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