Aya: Hey, I've found an articel on the internet telling that there's a great audition which you can go to. The one that wins the Casting Show will get a huge part in a really famous movie. What do you think?

Dat: I don't think that I want to go there. Because I'm always pretty nervous and I'd rather hang out with my friends than go to a casting show.

Aya: But you will be famous! I believe in you and in your talent. You're so great at acting!

Dat: Yeah, I'm flattered, thanks. But that's what you think. It's not like that. I want to be doctor later on. It's just your dream that you want to come true, it's not mine though.

Aya: I really don't think that you're smart enough to be a doctor.

Dat: You have no idea if I'm smart or not, you don't give me the time to study, it's always like "there's an awesome casting show for you." But I know that I'm smart so stop doubting.

Aya: Just give it a try! If you do so, you'll be really rich one day.

Dat: I can also be rich if I go to medical college, Mum. I'm sick and tired of fulfilling YOUR dreams, what about MINE?

Aya: But I know that you want it! You just think that you're not good enough, but I'm telling you, you are!

Dat: Mum, PLEASE I'm begging you, I don't want to go... I've been on soo many auditions lately, I'm exhausted..

Aya: But darling, I'm doing it for you. I want you to have a good future.

Dat: So you think my future will be bad if I study?

Aya: No, I don't, but that's an easier way. It's an opportunity you won't get back.

Dat: But not the right way for me. Oh Mum, you're so reckless!

Aya: You'll regret it, if you don't go. But okay. In the end, it is your decision and I can't force you to go.

Dat: Thanks mum, I really appreciate that.

Aya: I'm so disappointed, since you're never willing to go to an audition because of the fact that you want to be a doctor..

Dat: I'm sorry. But I can't do it.

Dat: Hey, how are you doing? I've heard that you and your best friend are fighting. What happened?

Aya: That's an easy question to answer. This stupid little thing is trying to steal my boyfriend!

Dat: But you guys aren't a couple and you know that!

Aya: No, I know that he actually loves me and not her. And I love him too! I'm so mad at her!

Dat: Oh, calm down. She's your best friend. A friend stays your entire life, but there are lots of other guys on this planet that you can fall in love with.

Aya: But I can't forget about what she has done to me. I've trusted her, and then she took advantage of the fact that I'm in love with him!

Dat: Maybe she's in love with him, too. You don't know that. Maybe it was really painful for her to know that you guys are almost a couple.

Aya: I know, she obviously IS in love with him. So what? He loves me and not her. I'm sick and tired of all those pretenders! When I realized that she loves him, I completely freaked out!

Dat: But if you are so sure that he loves you, why are you so upset?

Aya: Because it's irritating me! How can someone that is always telling you that you are his soulmate and best friend forever, do something like that?

Dat: You can't blame her for loving someone.

Aya: And what about my feelings? Do you have an idea what I am going through right now?

Dat: That sounds really selfish. You're the one that is actually acting like a bad friend. If you were a good friend, you wouldn't talk like that and maybe have a little bit of sympathy.

Aya: It's so frustrating that I lost my best friend... I have the feeling that I've lost both of them and I really feel bad about it.

Dat: Either you go to her and say that you're sorry about the things you've said, or you'll lose your best friend forever. And trust me, you will, unless you go to her and say that you don't want to fight anymore.

Aya: And what about the guy I love?

Dat: I don't want to offend your taste, but in my opinion he's really ugly! And I didn't want to say this, but he's actually a show-off that I can't stand. Always bragging about everything he owns..

Aya: I didn't know that. Whatever, I can't love someone that is like this. After you told me this, everything is crystalclear to me now. I'm gonna dump him immediately. Thank you so much for telling me this, you're a really good friend and I appreciate that.

Dat: I'm always willing to help. If you need someone to talk to, just come to me.
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